Meet Morpheous March 11-13 at The Facility!

Morpheous with rope bunny Lyarrah

Morpheous is a man of mystery.

I’ve been curious about him for years, despite him slipping in and out of St. Louis several times, right under my ignorant nose. I FINALLY sniffed him out and nailed him down. I’m proud to say that I’ll be meeting him in the flesh very soon.

You can, too, at the weekend-long event called Pandemonium that’s being billed as “wicked, sensual, sadistic fun.” It will involve a book signing, classes, demonstrations, photo shoots, rigging, an art show, and play. Lots of adult play. REGISTER HERE.

I got Morpheous on the phone from Toronto to get a better handle of what he’s all about. A Kink Renaissance man, he is!

Kendra Holliday: So, Morpheous, what’s your #1 fetish?

Morpheous: Education is my fetish. I love teaching and helping people learn. I have a degree in Education and an expansive teaching background. I’m especially a fan of Differentiated instruction – teaching the same subject using various learning styles. That really helps it sink in.

KH: I saw that your summer tour includes Paris, Ireland, Vienna… so, what do you think of St. Louis?

M: I LOVE ST Louis! The welcome received is so genuine! The integrity of the community is really about a WE and not a ME. It’s so conveniently located, so central. It’s no wonder St Louis is an epicenter for this kink renaissance we’re enjoying right now. These beautiful movement s just pop up, they’re so organic and magical.

I have a special place in my heart for St. Louis. Four years ago, I went through a nasty divorce . I came down to St Louis to get away from my stress. I met some really wonderful people and learned about the bake sales in the kink community, a unique trait to the St Louis BDSM scene. It’s so charming! Bake sales make for great comfort food and go hand in hand with aftercare, I suppose.

(pics below the jump represent Morpheous’s photography and are NSFW)

(Ed Note: As odd as that sounds, it’s true – the St Louis BDSM scene is known internationally for its bake sales. From a recent public posting on FetLife:

“We will be set up with our cupcakes and brownies and lots of surprises from when the doors open to an hour after announcements so come early and buy often! Indulge yourself or someone you love!

All moneys collected will go to NCSF and is part of a greater fundraiser to be completed at BeatMe in St Louis. If you are not able to attend BeatMe, this would be a great way to stand up and be counted. Or sit down and shove your face in some brownies.”)

How to be Kinky: one suggestion

KH: You wrote a book called “How to Be Kinky.” Will you be doing a book signing at the event?

M: Of course! I’ll sign copies of my book in my special way, only for the brave. It involves an inkpad and an open mind….

The sequel, “How to Be Kinkier” comes out this summer! The US premier will be in St Louis this fall. I will be bringing an exclusive collection of limited edition prints of photos from the book with me for sale at reasonable prices at Pandemonium.

KH: I have a confession. This rope bondage stuff, also called shibari and rope rigging – I don’t get it. I’ve tried being tied up four times, and as an exhibitionist and attention whore, I found myself getting bored and restless as the rigger concentrated on knots for 45 minutes. What gives?

M: You haven’t been tied up by me, my dear. I make it dynamic. Rope is a tool to get you to beg, crawl, and FEEL. Rope is part of the dialog, it connects me to the rope bunnies.

KH: Rope bunnies?

M: That’s a popular term of endearment for the bottom or model in a rope scene.

KH: So do you only play with hot size 2 women?

M: I beg your pardon! I invite you to explore my photography. My passions are more than skin deep. One of my latest art projects in the works is Defining Beauty – an alternative to mainstream beauty representing people I find beautiful As Paul Gauguin said, “The ugly may be beautiful, the pretty, never.”

KH: Speaking of which, what do you look like?

M: You’ll soon find out, won’t you?

KH: There you go, being mysterious again. What are some of your other current projects?

Bondage is Beautiful

M: I’m excited for my European summer tour, and then in the fall we’ll be celebrating Morpheous’s Bondage Extravaganza in Toronto once again. It’s a yearly tradition of showing art in non-traditional spaces.

(Watch the video!) You’ll see 80 riggers from all over the world paired with rope bunnies including Lee Harrington, Don Sir, David Lawrence, mailler phong, cannon and more. Last year was the world’s largest public bondage exhibition. This year will be even bigger. It’s October 1, and it’s FREE.

KH: What’s one of your favorite things to do?

M: I truly enjoy meeting and beating new people. I thrive on the energy exchange. Being pansexual and polyamorous is a liberating and rewarding combination.

KH: Any folks you’d like to mention?

M: CheapTrx is awesome I will definitely be making an appearance there, they’ve been so good to me.

I want to thank SatansMaster, Owner of The Facility for hosting me. I’m so grateful for his involvement in my career – we go back over 15 years and he’s been a mentor figure to me. Mentorship is critical for the BDSM and kink community – it is what keeps the traditions alive.

And I’m looking forward to more cupcakes and famous St. Louis bbq this trip!

UPDATE: Morpheous will be signing his book at Shameless Grounds on Sun, Mar 13, 3pm!