How Hedonistic? Artist Profile: Marty Henderson

Tonight is SEX+STL’s fundraiser and happy hour, How Hedonistic? Growing on what we accomplished two months ago with our 7 Sexy Sins party, How Hedonistic? will have feature the artwork of three different artists, four DJs and an assortment of live nude models for artists to draw!

Yesterday, I talked to Chris Worth, one of the artists whose work will be on display tonight. Today, I spoke with Marty Henderson, one of the artists exhibiting tonight, to talk about himself and his work.

by Marty Henderson

First of all, can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a freelance art photographer, and have been doing that since 1987. It’s a struggle sometimes but it’s my passion. I served for six years in the Navy as a Rescue Diver. I was involved in three helicopter crashes. Thus, not wanting to be in the Navy anymore, I came home and did school pictures and weddings in 1987 and here I am today, always hoping for the one big break in life but I am satisfied with everything the way it is now.

Can you tell us a little about your work?

I recently entered into the world of sculptures of female torso’s. It’s very exciting to do this for my customers. I will have a few at the show to present to the public.

What inspired you to contact SEX+STL to co-sponsor a fundraising event?

I heard of the last show, and was interested in seeing what it was about, so I talked with Drew and, well, here I am.

Click below for more of the interview, and some of Marty’s racier (NSFW!) images!

by Marty Henderson

What kind of art can people expect at the upcoming How Hedonistic? party?

My style of work is basically magazine-style art. I followed Herb Ritts for years and followed his path and style of work. I currently have three books: Derriere’s, My Life as a Photographer, and The Bathroom. I will have many of my prints on display.

by Marty Henderson

Has your work always had an erotic element to it, or is that a more recent development?

Well, I have always wanted to do magazine-style work, not necessarily Playboy, but Vogue or W type work. My idol has been Herb Ritts. I want people to fantasize about being in my camera.

You work in both photography and sculpture. Even though they’re two different mediums, do you feel that your work has a consistent thread that connects it all?

Well I love the female form, I recently 5 months ago began the sculpture trek, I’m still trying to master it, It is a hit with the ladies who have asked me to do theirs

Can you discuss the sculpture work that you do?

My roomate was making concrete birdbaths out of giant leaves, I saw them doing it and I thought to myself I can do a nice butt in that, so that night I had a friend come over and we played with plaster all night. After the plaster [mold is made], it is concrete in the mold, then a lot of sanding, scraping, etc…

by Marty Henderson

How can people find your work, and how can they contact you to find out more?

Right now I have a website in the works, so Facebook is about it. should find me, and of course my first showing Wednesday night. I plan on selling my sculptures at art auctions, etc… [The sculptures] are too fragile and heavy to ship via UPS or to sell on eBay… I’d rather do them personally for people.

A little later I’ll be featuring an interview with the final artist, Drew Digital, who also serves as SEX+STL’s event coordinator. He’s the man behind tonight’s party (as well as the designer of the sweet flyer below!).