How Hedonistic? A conversation with artist and event coordinator Drew Digital

Tonight is SEX+STL’s fundraiser and happy hour, How Hedonistic? Growing on what we accomplished two months ago with our 7 Sexy Sins party, How Hedonistic? will have feature the artwork of three different artists, four DJs and an assortment of live nude models for artists to draw!

Yesterday, I talked to Chris Worth, this morning I spoke with Marty Henderson, and now I’ll speak with Drew Digitial, the final artist in tonight’s art-tastic trio and the event coordinator for the party itself.

Drew Digital with one of his creations at the 7 Sexy Sins party. Photo by Crystal Rolfe.

Before we get to talking about How Hedonistic?, can you give me your impression of 7 Sexy Sins, our last fundraising party?

7 Sexy Sins was our opportunity to open up to the community in a much more broad way. I really think it allowed some of the more curious passer-bys to the movement a way to interact and feel comfortable about doing so. These are fundraising events that take some of the social norms about what a fundraiser is and turns it on its head. We’re breaking boundaries here, and people need to know about what SEX+STL is about, and believe 7 Sexy Sins (7SS) was a small window into that world.

And How Hedonistic? is set to be a much bigger affair, right?

We anticipate that How Hedonistic? will be a much bigger event. We have added some different elements to this event while keeping some of the core features that 7SS had. Last time we only featured 4 models, and now we have twelve different models of various body types. We have also added new DJ’s, all playing a variety of music. Some really affordable toys are being donated for a silent auction and a $50 gift certificate for our Toga Cat Walk. Not to forget that we are also adding 2 new artists to the show. We’re almost running out of space at the venue.

Charlotte Times with an artist's rendition at the 7 Sexy Sins party. Photo by Crystal Rolfe.

Tell me a little about the DJs we have lined up.

There’s going to be a really neat ambiance at this show. Shawn Gaston will be leading us off playing some of the great music and energy that he brought last time to the show. We have a new DJ with Albanian roots, DeeJay Genti, running out some euro dance music. Player Two will be pumping some of his original music on the ones and twos. He’s also brought along another new DJ to the event, DJ Tapes. It looks to be a great line up with all DJ’s having tons of club experience. We won’t be disappointed.

This time you won’t be the only artist who has work on display; can you tell us a little more about the other two?

I’m taking a little bit of a back seat to our two new featured artists. Marty Henderson is an artist out of Wentzville, Mo. He primarily works with some erotic photography and does concrete busts of breasts and asses. Marty will be bringing in quite a bit of work and will be displaying on about 18ft of wall space. Christopher Worth is our other artist, who has an interesting background. Chris moved here not too long ago from West Virginia. Chris has Cerebral Palsy and is confined to a wheel chair. His disability becomes his ability as he creates these loose (however energetic and vibrant) paintings and drawings. His work tend to focus on figures and we will have the pleasure of seeing four pieces from Chris at the show.

And what about you? Will you have any new work on display?

Considering both of the other artists are figure based, I have decided to go with some of my abstract pieces. I will be displaying 3 new pieces at this show, that are all about depth and movement. It’s some really vibrant work that I think will help bridge the gap between Marty and Chris’s work. I’m excited to see them all work together.

Drew Digital getting some love at the 7 Sexy Sins party. Photo by Crystal Rolfe.

Tell us a little about the Toga Catwalk. Will it just be the aforementioned models or is everyone invited to wear a toga to the party?

Everyone is invited to wear togas. The most creative and one that best depicts you will probably win. I’m really looking forward to what everyone will wear. There’s a $50 gift card to Spanky’s in it for whomever wins. Spanky’s sells everything from lingerie to videos, so that’s a pretty good prize for just wrapping yourself up in a little bit of fabric.

There are a handful of toys up for silent auction. Who donated these toys?

We received donations from three different sex shops. Spanky’s is our local vendor and will actually be our primary sponsor for future events. EdenFantasys, an online vendor, was gracious enough to donate as well. We also snagged some neat toys from Patricia’s, a chain of sex shops, and one from Temptations.

Anything else you’d like to mention?

Just want to let everyone know that these events wouldn’t be possible without the efforts of volunteers. No one person is benefiting from this event, the whole community is.

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  1. Last time I checked, wheelchairs don’t confine the people that use them. They help people be mobile.

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