Christian Sex, by The Shaman

Christianity can be very sexy

This is a guest post by theologian and philosopher The Shaman, who would like you to know that Christianity and sex-positivity DO mix!

Recently my wife attended the Susie Bright seminar at Shameless Grounds.  While she was there she noticed many people who seemed to think being sex positive and Christianity didn’t mix. We beg to differ, as we are both Christian and have a wonderful sex life.  As in, really, truly amazing!

My wife wanted to say something while she was there but didn’t have an opportunity.  I have been following The Beautiful Kind website for four years and have noticed nothing really that addressed this topic. Nor does it sound like many people realize the gift of sex in marriage that is mentioned.

I’d like people to understand that we as God’s children can be actively involved with a partner we are committed to with a green light for great sex! I want all people who have had the guilt trip from church to know that God’s grace and forgiveness extends to ALL people.

I know plenty of people who grew up thinking they were bad people because of their thoughts and actions. Equally I know plenty of people who have fallen from the church because a parent, friend, family member, or even pastor has made them feel unworthy to be in a church because of their lifestyle. This leads to many sexual topics but I plan on focusing on sex between a man and a woman in this article.

Sex and the married/commited couple

In the beginning God created man and woman and many presuppose that sex is only for procreation. However, in the beginning of Christianity the church in Corinth had many questions regarding sex. Due to guilt and no clear understanding of what to do now as a Christian they struggled to understand what to think about sex. 

Paul, who once was the well known persecutor of the Christians and later converts, answers this question of sex in 1 Corinthians chapter 7.  In summary he says if you are married, have sex!  He says that we should all engage in sexual intercourse with our spouse.  It should never be withheld for the other but completely given over to each other. Sex outside of marriage is not highlighted but frowned upon. While sex outside of marriage is not encouraged, IT IS NOT UNFORGIVIBLE! Essentially this is one of the fundamental problems with the Fundamental Church goers.

Paul does suggest that is better to stay chaste however, he does strongly point out that if you like sex you should be married and then do it often as you like. He also points out that we are not to let sex interfere with our prayer life and God time. So there ought to be a balance.  I want people to know that marriage is a commitment for one person to their spouse to love and cherish as long as you both shall live.  I fully recognize that many do not feel the need for a certificate to successfully live in this way and that is why I say committed couples.

God’s grace and love

Growing up in church all my life that I never realized what God’s grace truly means.

It means that we are forgiven of our sins. The ones we say, do, or think about and even the ones we don’t realize. So for me to say someone is going to hell for an unrealized sin, how could I be so bold to rub Jesus death and resurrection in the mud. What we all need to realize is that we all fall short of the glory of God.  We are ALL unworthy of God’s love. But through Jesus Christ we are forgiven. It is by faith that we forgiven not by anything we DO.  It is a gift from God that we are able to greatly receive.

God loved the world so much that He sent His Son as living sacrifice for us. If we can not find the forgiveness of God in our life it is our inability to let go in life for God to embrace us. It is our inability to forgive ourselves and this I believe is because society beats people down to the point of people being pushed away from the church. While a stupid church may be pushing people away God is not! It is unfortunate that there are people in the church who misrepresent God’s unfailing, undeserved, and never ending love; and use it to leverage things.

Christ’s peace be with you all!