2nd Clothing Optional Tweetup Scheduled!

Be bare of be square!

We had such a great first clothing optional tweetup, we’re going to give it another whirl.

Sex Positive St. Louis is proud to host our SECOND clothing optional tweetup!

The next one is scheduled for May 10, 6:30-9:30pm. This is a FREE event. Location is a private residence in South City area. Please RSVP to love @ thebeautifulkind .com for the address, which is at a different location this time.

I found myself surprised by a few things last time. First of all, I loved seeing everyone’s body art. I found myself asking, “WHO is your tattoo artist?”

I was surprised by all the women with pubic hair. I thought I was the only one!

I was surprised by all the men who had pierced penises. Seriously, there were at least four!

I loved seeing all the natural bodies! I loved seeing all the smiles! I loved seeing people relax into the strange and new environment!

Being a figure model, I’m used to being the only one naked in a room, so it was really fun and weird for me to be surrounded by other naked people!

More details on next week’s event:

We’re going to try and keep it balanced, so we might create a waiting list if the gender ratio gets skewed.

No touching. This is a social mixer, not a play party.

No cameras. We want people to feel safe and comfortable.

Wear something you can easily remove, should you desire. There will be a room where you can unchange.

Respect people's personal space at clothing optional social mixers. No lap dances.

Bring a towel for sitting.

This is a non-smoking event.

Bring something to drink or eat. A bottle of wine, a six pack of beer, a bag of chips, a plate of cookies, that ubiquitous hummus dip…

Here is Don’t & Do etiquette in order to ensure the comfort of our guests.

DON’T ask people why they aren’t naked. That is off-putting.

DON’T draw excessive focus to your or others’ genitals through conversation, comments, or positioning.

DON’T forget to take home your towel or robe. Lots of people left something last time (I left my towel!)

DO things on your own terms. This is clothing optional. Some people disrobe right away. Some ease into it. Some stick with topless.

DO be sensitive to people’s personal space and comfort level – some may be exploring nudity for the first time and are not as comfortable discussing naked bodies.

DO be sensitive to power dynamics and eye level. If you want to talk with a seated person, it’s more comfortable for them if you sit; if you want to talk with standing people, then stand up.

DO have a twitter account if you want to be legit. If you don’t have a twitter account, just stand there naked and smile knowingly as if you are all about social media.

DO give us feedback on this event after you attend. We want to keep improving on an already good thing!


  1. I keep trying to open a twitter account and keep running into glitches. Of course. I am the non-techie trying to become one. Let you know if I get it figured out. Peace.

  2. I was wondering if there are more of these events planned for the near future. I am male, mid-twenties, and I have done some nude modeling for art projects in the past. I was interested in attending an event like this and potentially meeting other nude models to learn about their experiences modeling. Thanks!

  3. eclypse – no worries, see you tomorrow night. Taking clothes off is easier than setting up twitter account!

    Zeus – YES please check our calendar for future events. We’ll have one of these every other month or so, plus other great events. You should come to our fundraiser May 18, where you can meet many models and artists! The theme is an artsy, hedonistic toga party!

  4. Sounds great!! I’ll will definitely come to the next clothing optional event! Just wondering if you need any more models for the fundraiser? I would be interested in helping out with the modeling, thanks!

  5. Zeus – we have models for this Wed event but will have other opportunities in the future. Please check our blog, calendar, facebook page and twitter feed for updates!

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