Body Image Talk May 15

Do you ever think badly about your body? We ALL do, men and women alike, and we want to talk about that! Charlotte Times will lead a body image talk this Sunday, May 15 3pm at Shameless Grounds.

Behold before and after pictures of Ms. Charlotte:

Charlotte Times before & after!

An excerpt from her wildly entertaining blog, The Life and Charlotte Times:

Thursday. 11am. Kids safely at school. House to ourselves.

The boyfriend and I stand naked by side in the master bathroom. We are primping.

The doorbell rings. I wrap myself in a silk robe. I greet her. My friend. Our photographer.

She has come to do a series of photos of me. Some pin up. Some sensual. Some nude. Some kinky. The naughty ones were a whim. Why not? Sounds hot. They are for my eyes only. And hers. The thought that she will see me like that has me riled up. This is my friend. I’ve known her forever. I just recently learned she’s a kinkster. That knowledge has me fascinated.

Such naughty little stay at home moms, we are.

She brings lights. Props. A bouquet of flowers. “These are going to be coming out of you,” she tells me.  I know what part she’s talking about. So does the boyfriend. He leans against the bathroom door, clad only in his brown robe. It’s open slightly. She and I both notice.

She sets up the room. Says we are ready. I drop my robe. No shame. Totally nude. Here I am!  She then wraps me in white silk and has me lay back on the bed. She drapes my body and as she stands over me I feel a thrill come over my body. Her touch is soft. She smells delicious. She arranges pink flowers against the silk. I feel like a goddess.

She climbs a ladder and begins shooting. I arch my back. I lock my eyes on her camera lens.  I give her a look through the lens. It’s what she wants. What she asked me to do. She wants to be fucked through the camera.

That pose ends and leads to a costume change. A tutu. topless. Surrounded by tutus. Covered in tutus. I peer out like an innocent girl. I make pin up OH MY faces. I throw the tutus in the air. I’m having a blast.

She asks my boyfriend to be in the next scene. He disrobes. She looks at his body. It’s a perfect body. Long and lean and pierced and tattooed and that cock- oh that cock. So big. Semi hard.

We do BDSM photos next. Me as the domme. Him against the wall. Collared and chained. Me with a riding crop in my teeth, staring into the camera, daring the viewer to challenge me.

We end with me in the jet tub. She stands up on the tub and peers down at me. Click click click. She finally shows me an image. It’s not me. Who is that girl? That girl is a pin up.  She’s tattooed and has red bangs and black hair and looks confident. She’s sparkling. She’s alive.

She’s me?
She’s me.

Charlotte will also be leading the Sex Positive Parenting talks. The next one will be Monday, 16, 7pm at Shameless Grounds.