More Info About the Queen of Hearts Ball Fundraiser Feb 25

Queen of Hearts Ball fundraiser Feb 25!

Hey all you sexy people!

Johnny Murdoc posted this notice about our upcoming Queen of Hearts  Ball  fundraiser Feb 25, and I’ve had a lot of people contacting me, asking for more information.

I made this little video talking more about the event and why we’re doing it.

Here is the summary, in case you don’t feel like clicking the link I pasted in for your convenience:

1. It’s a fundraiser for our organization. But wait, there’s more.

2. If you like attending classy, sexy parties where you can meet like-minded people and expand your horizons, you should go.

3. If you like what we are doing and want to encourage us to have more amazing, progressive events, you should go.

4. If you believe in sexual civil rights and think nudity is fine and people being persecuted for their sexuality is BULLSHIT, you should go.

5. If you want St. Louis to be the Midwest equivalent of Seattle, San Francisco, and New York City, you should go.

6. If you would like to meet the King and Queen of the wildly popular Life on the Swingset website/podcast, the mysterious and alluring Marilyn and Cooper Beckett, you should go.

7. Never mind the subversive celebrity couple coming in from out of town. If you want to rub elbows with some of the hottest local folks who do more than talk the talk and actually walk the walk and fuck the fuck (Tasty Leisti, me, David Wraith, Johnny Murdoc, Ziztur, poly and swinger folks galore), you should go.

8. If you liked Naughti Gras and want to experience a more interactive version of erotic art and prove how goddamn open-minded you are, you should go.

9. If you want to get laid – not necessarily that very night, but thinking big picture, maybe an orgy in your future – you should go.

10. If you want to attend a future clothing optional party – our most popular event, and the next one is March 13 and FREE – you should go.

Please bring your beautiful body and good energy to this party. Buy tickets here. And love us and each other here.

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  1. Thank you for your purchase, Mark!
    Name: Mark ******
    Order Number: MX*******
    Date of Purchase: Tuesday, February 07 2012 at 4:21 PM PST

    I wouldn’t miss this for the world. I’ll be there with bells on! Well, not LITERALLY. I guess I should be clear about that with this venue. 😛

    I nagged all my friends and lifestylers to get tickets too, but they’re too chicken.

    Yay for open-mindedness,

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