SEX+STL Presents: A Fistful of Dollars!

Make ya holler!

Make ya holler!

Our first ever FISTING DEMO and PLAY PARTY!

Friday, June 13, 2014
PT’s in Centreville, IL

This is our last event before we take a break for the summer, so get your tickets and watch us go out with a BANG!

Activist and Exhibitionist Kendra Holliday of The Beautiful Kind will be taking on the fist of a lovely newcomer to our group in an INTENSELY erotic and personal educational demonstration. Play party to follow the demo!

$20/person. Sorry, no refunds – if you can’t make it, we appreciate your donation to our wonderful cause!

RSVP to and she will give you the link to buy tickets. This event is screened and intends to be gender balanced. We want the ladies to feel comfortable!

Drink specials. We’ll have a private area roped off from the rest of the club. 21 and up.

Social hour starts at 8pm. Demo at 9pm. Play party to follow!

PS: If you are new to SEX+STL and haven’t attended any of our events yet, this is not the best one to start with. It is, ehem, more advanced. Catch us at a Happy Hour or discussion group this Fall! OR come to our Sex Trivia Night May 30!

A note from Kendra: I have this running joke with my friends – if you can’t fit your fist into a Pringles can, you can’t fist me! That’s my rule – no Ham Hands.

I’m a wild and adventurous slut, but I’ve only been fisted three times in my life. You can read my post (and see pics!) about it HERE.

At one point, Hustler magazine expressed interest in featuring my fisting story and pics, but they ended up backing out – they worried it would be too outrageous for their audience!

But not PT’s in Centreville! They are happy to host our fabulously fun, sex-positive event!

After eliminating half my potential fisters with the size test, it was hard deciding on who to choose for the honor. My friend Amy did it the first time, and Rockabilly Girl did it the next two times.

I decided to ask a new member of the SEX+STL group – a lovely young woman who is interested in expanding her sexual horizons. She is SO nervous and excited! She’s never fisted before, and has never performed a live sex act in front of an enthusiastic crowd!

So this is totally exciting! I love this kind of thing – it’s such a rush!

Meanwhile, she and I will need to practice a couple times before the big event, lucky us!

Hope to see you there!

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!