A SEX+STL Testimonial from J

J is a woman in her 40’s…

The Bare as You Dare event held by SEX+STL has, thus far, been one of the most transformative experiences of my life.

Having been raised in an extremely religious family (and taught all of the body shame and sex shame that seems to go along with that), and having many physical scars from being a survivor of domestic violence; I was SUPER ashamed of both my body and my scars.

I attended the event, thinking in my head “I wonder if anyone will notice my scars; and if so, what should I say?”  I challenged myself that day, to be brave enough a second time, so I could claim the woman I believe I was meant to be.

I had an epiphany of sorts that day…

No one noticed, or cared about, my scars.  I was warmly welcomed.  No one criticized or judged me, or my body.  I felt….. freedom! and boy was it sweet!!!  🙂

Since then, I have attended many other SEX+STL events, and the same thing keeps happening….. warm receptions, without any criticisms or judgments.  The friendships and self confidence I have gained have helped me immensely.

Now, I can work on being brave enough to go to a Scar and Tell….))

Ed Note: The next Scar and Tell is on Jan19. See our calendar for details.

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